Hoping for the Best

Just a quick recap of this week-
Oh, and I am peppering this post with these lovely photos that I miraculously got on our walk the other night.  No idea what made my kids decide to be so wonderful and adorable while I had the camera out, but I love that they did.

The van broke down. Scary and sad and stuff. 
Sunday night I realized that I was the worst mom ever and had forgotten Grace's birthday was the next day.
Also realized her father was going to miss it, same as her first birthday.  Hard, more sad.
Also realized that he was going to have them on Mother's Day.  More hard, sad. 

Crisis averted- The Blinns came through with help and a loaner vehicle.  And he agreed to let me have the kids for half of Mother's Day.

Grace's Birthday, hard hard hard, but a fun day out.
Crisis averted- I did actually remember her Birthday in time to celebrate it.


Found out the transmission was bad on the van.  Like totally bad.  It needs a new one.  Crap.

Crisis averted- I have a vehicle for now and can take some time to pray about and think through what steps to take.

Got our tax return, but because of some issues that he didn't resolve it was cut in half.

Crisis averted- We worked it out.  It's all gravy.

Got ready to take the boys to school and the loaner would not start.  And then Emma threw up while I was waiting for help to arrive.


Crisis averted- It was just the battery, we jumped it off and it's fine now.  And Emmy was fine for the rest of the day.

So now it is Friday.   This week is behind us.  I guess I could look back and think about what an awful week it has been and how God has not really shown up. I could, I guess, wonder where He was when all of the crappy stuff was happening. 
But really when I look back at this week, I have some shining examples of how He comes through, how He provides, how He takes care. 
Last night I went to a gathering at a friends house, and they listened, and hugged, prayed for me, and loved me.  Everybody should have friends like mine.
So, here's to a great weekend.  For me.  And you. 
Good things are on the horizon I think.  Grand things.  For me.  And you.

"Let the sun shine in
And face it with a grin
Cause smilers they never lose
And frowners they never win
Oh, let the sun shine in
And face it with a grin
Open up your heart
and let the sun shine in"

lots and lots of love,


2 Comments to “Hoping for the Best”

  1. Jesus loves you, my Amber. This I know.

  2. wow. great pics. great God. you are fabulous in every way imaginable.

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