the Wonder Blinns

    Once upon a time, my van broke down on the highway.  And I was super freaked out and scared.  And I started to have a panic attack, and I turned to my totally oblivious children and in between gasps for air I said  "EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!".  To which Griffen replied "Why are you breathing like that?" in a very annoyed and bored voice.  "I DON'T KNOW, BUT EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!"  I said.  "Mom, we're fine" he muttered.  

    And then I called Erin.  "My van broke down on the highway and I'm freaking out."  And then she said "I knew I sensed there was trouble in gamma sector five two.  Stay calm good citizen, we'll be right there.  Wonder Blinns- UNITE!"  And in a flash Erin and Debo were right behind me.
    Super Deb used her amazing happiness-kid-magnetizing powers to bring children safely out of the vehicle and make them laugh at the same time.  Erin flew carseats from van to car in a flash.
    Seconds later, Megs arrived.  "I'm on the job, let's get this thing organized!  First let's save the children.  Here, put them in my handy German supermobile.  Okay, now we need queso, STAT!"  And off to Taco Cabana they went, safe and sound.
    Bridget was not far behind, on the scene, poised and ready to assure me that everything was going to be okay.  "Bonjour!" she said.  "Oh hi, I'm so glad you're here- Wait, where are you off too?"  I asked.
"To the bookshop, I just finished the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre…" She said staring dreamily at the sky.  Then she turned to me and said "Oh, but your breathing is not right, hmm.  My super compassion is kicking in. Here, let me put my hand on your back and make everything better." And she did.

    And that is pretty much exactly what happened folks.  True story.  Blinns are awsome.

3 Comments to “the Wonder Blinns”

  1. why do my arm pits look so gigantic and hairy in this picture? wow! lol! this is super funny! good times!

  2. Love it! Too fun!

  3. Great story! Happy endings 🙂 God is good.

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