Grace Elizabeth

When I named her that I said "I never want anyone to call her anything but Grace.  No nicknames.  Grace is a beautiful name, let's use it."  And by about day three, I was calling her Gracey.  Gracey Pie came next.  And about a month later she was just Pie.
Our Pie.
And somehow it suits her perfectly.  I will not extrapolate the whole thing out, but she is sweet, and sometimes tart, a little rough around the edges, yummy for sure.  (okay maybe I will extrapolate the whole thing out).
Today our Pie is two.  And I say our, because Grace more than my other kiddos somehow, feels very…  shared.  (I have been trying to stop saying "our" since the divorce, but when I say it of Pie, I do not mean that she is shared with him.) 
She is shared with her Aunt Bridge
She is very near co-parented with her Aunt Bridge.  Bridge has held Pie more than anyone else besides me.  And I know about holding babies.  I know what passes through your hands into their little selves as you pat their backs and hush them to sleep.  Pie loves her Bridge, and Pie is loved completely by her.
(All of my kids are, but this is Grace's birthday and she is the baby, and today she is going to get some very cliche baby love.)
And she is shared with her Aunty Erin.
Aunty Erin plays favorites sometimes, which is okay to do if you are an aunt. 
Grace is a common favorite as of late.  Because Pie is funny, and Aunty Erin appreciates a good sense of humor.  And because Pie loves words, and we all know Aunty Erin loves words.  Pie is my second baby to be named after her. (I know that sounds weird, but it's true.  Gabe's middle name is Erin, and Erin's middle name is Elizabeth.)  Erin was there when Grace was born.  These two have some history.  And I love that. 
And she is shared with Alisa Pizza
My baby sis.  They are both the babies.  Alisa gets tons of quality alone time with my kids (read: she babysits.  a lot.)  But it's great because she loves hanging out with them and she doesn't let them get away with stuff when I'm gone.  Except Pie.  Pie gets away with everything.  Because Alisa Pizza thinks it is cute and funny.  I think this must be a youngest child thing.  
So we all had a little birthday lunch today at Central Market.
And then, the usual-  bookstore
and ice cream.
It is a wonderful thing to me that she is surrounded by such amazing women.
It makes me think that it's okay that she is such a mess, my babygirl who is not such a baby anymore.
She is shared with Debby, and Megs, and Debo too.  There is no lack of fabulous females in her life.  And she is shared by me, I don't mind sharing her after all.  More and more lately people have said that she is "just like me".  She looks just like me, she acts just like me.  I can kind of see that I guess, but I think that's not totally true.  I am way nicer than her, and not half as beautiful.   :`)  Really I take it as a great compliment when people say that.  She is strong, and spunky, and funny and…  I could go on.

Gracey Love,
You are spark of a girl, and I am proud to be your Mama.  You, with your baby face and tiny little self, are a force.  You are a leader.  You are bold and brave.  You are smart and quick.  You are maybe the most intense little girl I have ever known.  Your words, Baby your words are a blessing.  People light up when you talk Love, I've seen it.  You are a gift, one I did not know I needed, one I could not imagine living without.  So tonight when you stood up in your bed after everyone else was asleep, and asked me to hold you, I did.  And we walked outside in the cool night air and I sang to you, and we danced.  And you may not remember this birthday at all Grace, but I will never forget it.  So thank you for all of the moments you have given, and all of the moments you will give- of unexpected joy.  That is what you are.  Pie you are shared.  Grace you are loved.
I love you so, so much, always,


2 Comments to “Grace Elizabeth”

  1. I love her, my Pie. Even when she decorates my work clothes with chocolatey fingers.

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