the way she sees it

Gracey slept through a ferocious thunderstorm this morning.
So did Gabe.  Griff and Em cuddled up with me soon after it started and the other two did not so much as flinch as the lightening flashed, and thunder roared, and the electricity flickered on and off this morning. 
My mom came over to watch the girls for a photo shoot that got cancled, so I went out for a little coffee with E and a little down time at the book store.  A grande mild in a venti cup, and a new Billie Holiday cd later, I came home to lunch with my little best friends.  And then Emmy decided she wanted to take pictures. 
She belives being a photographer is just something that happens, like being a teenager. 
That's how she thinks of it. 
"Mommy, now I am a girl, and one day I will be a photographer, and one day I will be a teenager, and one day I will be a mommy."
Really it was too dark outside for photos, but I let her take some anyways. 
And I'm so glad she did. 


2 Comments to “the way she sees it”

  1. Love. Love. Love.
    Amber and Emmy and Pie.
    More than the sum of their parts, those three…

  2. The photos are amazing. I am in lurve with your blog, and your kiddos, though I’ve never met them. 😉

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