A Little Fit

Today was gorgeous, so we walked to pick up the boys from school. 
And Grace had a little fit on the way home:
Well, it was a big fit really:
It was a twenty minute fit:
A fit about me not holding her:
In my defense, I was pushing a stroller that she could have been riding in.
She is a stubborn little girl. 
But she gets that from me.
So she cried most of the way home.
After lots of this:
She did finally end up riding in the stroller, exhausted from her fit.
I won.  And it was worth it. 
My reward?
Coffee ice cream.
Winning is delicious.


3 Comments to “A Little Fit”

  1. Um. Coffee ice cream. Yummy.
    Pie. Yummier.

  2. That Pie…such a work. Glad you won though. You have to win every time…but then you know that.

  3. Amber! Don’t push your girl away from you in that separation machine! It kills her soul.

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