The first time I remember Griffen noticing a girl was when he was four.  We were at a friends house and their daughter came downstairs in running shorts and Griff leaned in to me and whispered in a very harsh voice, "That is so inappropriate.  Her clothes are way too little.  Her pants don't even have any leg sleeves".  And yes, he really talked like that when he was four, and yes we all managed to keep from laughing our heads off.

    The first time I remember Gabe noticing a girl he was also four.  We were driving somewhere and there was a fund raising car wash and Gabe said "Oooo!  Look at those cheerleaders!"

    They're different in almost every way, my two boys.

And I love that.
Tonight on our walk we were taking turns making up riddles. 
Griffen said "Okay Gabe, I'm tall, and I'm hot, and I'm found in tropical places."
Gabe's answer?  
Without missing a beat, and very certain he was right, finger in the air,
Gabe says "A teenage girl."

The answer was "volcano", and Gabe got it after some very detailed scientific explanation from Griff.  Interesting though, how their little minds work.  Interesting and scary.

One Comment to “Noticing”

  1. One of my favorite Griff stories.
    And Gab-e-o=T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

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