Her Words

She is full of words. 
I mean, I thought Griff was a talker, but I'm afraid she has him beat by a long shot.  And she's missing the shy factor.  She really is void of any shyness. 
She just doesn't have it in her at all to be afraid I don't think. 
And so she is full of words and has no fear.
And her words come across sometimes as slightly condescending.
She kind of comes across as a bossy know-it-all sometimes.  Which is funny because she is number four.  Not number one.  But apparently nobody told her that, because she thinks she's in charge. 
Her words are constant and mostly directive.
Some excerpts:
"Mommy, you no shut the door.  I shut the door.  Watch you fingers."
"Mommy, that's annoying.  Turn it down."
"Mommy, you hold my baby.  She sleeping.  You be gentle.  Mommy, she go night night.  I be right back." 
"Emma, you no touch it my baby.  You get you baby Emma."
"Gabe, you be quiet.  You sit down.  You no be loud."
"Giffen you get me my blankie."
And for the most part we listen.  For the most part we follow her instructions.  Because really, for the most part she is totally sweet and precious.  And for the most part her sentences include the word "lub". 
"Mommy, I lub you so much"
"Emma I lub you hugs"
"Gabe I lub you gimme kisses"
"I lub Giffen"
And she repeats everything. Everything. 
Tonight she opened a childproof bottle of advil right in from of me, in like two seconds.
And I'm not saying whether or not she was repeating this, but she did in fact say "Oley Sit"
Sweet.  She's not even two yet folks.  I'm just sayin'.  I might be in trouble with this one.


3 Comments to “Her Words”

  1. We’re all in trouble.
    Because I’m pretty firm with your kids, who I love more than life itself…
    but when she says Bigit…and then whatever it is she says next
    she wins.
    Debby would be appalled.

  2. she isn’t bossy, she is proactive…it’s a fabulous quality and I LOVE it about her!

  3. What a beauty.

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