Good Friday

a day late…
Let me tell you something that may not really be that profound to you- 
In falling more in love with Jesus, in knowing Him more as a friend,
in seeing Him more as a Savior, it is much harder to think that a crown of thorns was placed on His head. 
It is much harder to think that they nailed my Jesus to a cross.
That they mocked and crucified my Friend, my Lover, my King- is almost crushing.
That I am capable of the same awfulness is almost crushing just the same.
In examining myself and my sin a more closely, it is so much more profound that He did that, willingly, for me.
That He died, that He endured the pain and separation for everyone-
all of us, sinners, saints and murderers, thieves, believers, followers and betrayers-
that's a bigger Love than I will ever be able to fully comprehend.
And so tomorrow is Easter, and the Hope in Easter is amazing and wonderful, but I will contemplate that tomorrow.
Tonight I'm contemplating the most beautiful sacrifice in history.
Tonight I'm thinking about the how's and why's of a crown of thorns
And the awful pain and the amazing love in being nailed to a cross.

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