Telling Stories

Raise your hand if you're shocked that I didn't do these dishes last night.
    I host this small group on Tuesdays.  Erin leads it.  It's a good mix.  Bridget, Randy, Michael, Sean and Jess came last night.  We usually have coffee and cookies, and sit around and ponder highly philosophical things like I-Pod play list's, and bicycles, and Super Mario Bros.  It can get pretty intense.  Usually there is a discussion topic of some sort that involves a question about Jesus and how he effects the way we live our lives.  Obviously that's a wonderful thing to discuss, important to talk about, and great to hear about.    We took communion too, because breaking bread together is an important thing, a simple thing, a good thing.  This is Holy Week, and Jesus died on a cross for you, and me, and everyone really.  He gave us life by losing His, because that's the way He loves.  So we took time out to meditate on that. Oddly enough, Erin and I got paired off.  We do spend a ton of time together, E and I, but it was nice to spend that kind of time together, serving, and listening, and praying.  We sang a couple of songs and wrapped up, kind of.  The last two weeks we've ended with a  little wind down/ story time.  Not really intentionally. We've just all ended up sitting around laughing together about odd and funny things that have happened to us.  You know that nice lull that happens at the end of a structured discussion and how it sometimes morphs into, "The funniest thing happened last Friday…"?   I love that. This week started off a little rough for me, (not rough compared to six months ago rough), but not as swimmingly as I would have liked.  So it was nice to spend Tuesday night laughing with friends.
These are remnants of a night well spent. 
This morning started off better than I would of thought on only four hours of sleep.  I think because laughter, and friends, and sharing are life giving.  I think because focusing on Jesus is maybe the most helpful thing I can do for myself.    
(Gabe snapped this shot before school because he loves taking pictures, and he sees light.) 
Anyway, things are looking up and stuff. 

And I got this shot of Gracey this morning. 
I know they're dust particles, but she calls them sparkles.  And that's what I call looking on the bright side of things. 

Happy Wednesday everyone. 
And tell me, what is it that you do that lifts your spirits and breeds love and life?

4 Comments to “Telling Stories”

  1. The last photo of your daughter is breathtaking and tells a magnificent story. I know you said they were dust particles, but it looks as though she is reaching to the stars through the sky. Your entire post is simply beautiful.

  2. please tell me that the sparkles shot will be blown up to a 24 x 30 canvas!!!!

  3. Grin! Im glad our philosophy lessons so lighten your heart! I can’t say that I really have anything I do to keep light hearted, Its just kind of my default setting. But you definitely have plenty to be happy about with those amazing kids of yours.

  4. *hand raised* You keep a better house than I do, Amber. Seriously.
    Great thoughts, great post. And that Gabe has got an eye. Wow.
    Love you, you MORE-THAN-OVERCOMER, you.

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