My Emmy

She is four.  Wow. 
Wow because I can't believe it's been four years since I first held her tiny, chubby little self. 
Wow because she seems so much older sometimes. 
But she is four whether I like it or not. 
My flower picking, song singing, dancing little love is four.
And today was a lovely day.  

She helped make her cake.
And we had a laid back little party.
And she got the scooter she so wanted.
And I am just completely grateful for the light, and life, and love that she is.
My Emmy,
    You beautiful, wonderful little girl, you are my sunshine.  It seems like only yesterday you were learning to hold up three fingers and saying "I'm free!".   It seems like only yesterday you were toddling around on chunky little legs.  It seems like only yesterday I held you and begged for you to stay four days old forever.  But you didn't my love.  You grew, and you keep growing, and you keep amazing me.  I still find myself staring at your perfect little face in wonder some days.  And there really is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for the gift of your sweet little soul.  Em, you are a dream and so much more.  An adoring little sister, and a doting big sister, my first daughter, you are so very much.  You are one of my best friends, love, so dear to me.  And I want you always to know how incredibly special you are, how immensely you are loved, how treasured you are.  And I want you to know how possible your dreams are little one.  So, so possible.  So dream big babygirl.  Reach for the stars.  And love big Emmy, just the way you do now, always.  And shine.  Shine love. 
Love you so, so much, always,


3 Responses to “My Emmy”

  1. Great pics, and a beautiful sentiment.

  2. I just love her. So much.


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