Finale or Something

Today we played with bubbles, or in bubbles, or whatever you want to call this. 
We call it fun to the max. 
Swimming Pool+Dish Soap=Good Time
It was a little cool, but they didn't care.  They jumped and splashed all afternoon. 
Then the boys went to play with some friends out front for a bit. 
And the girls and I sat out in the sun and read Danny the Dinosaur.

At dinner time I went out to call the boys in and I saw this.
And I know that this looks like a lot of front yards looked today. 
I called the boys in and about half the neighborhood joined us for dinner
and then they played out back for a while.
And I know this happens in a lot of homes.
And I know this is what a lot of people grew up with. 
I know this is very everyday, middle class, suburban neighborhood-ish. 
But it's kind of a big deal to me.  This is not at all what I grew up with. 
Not by a long shot.  I grew up in apartments, in really rough neighborhoods, in the projects.  We didn't play outside much. 
And for lots of reasons we did not have friends over for dinner. 
My childhood was kind of tough, and when I was little I would sit and think about what I wanted for myself and my kids when I grew up. 
There were lots of things that I knew I didn't want for my kids.
And a shorter list of things I knew did want-
-A house, an actual house, not an apartment.
-With a yard, and a swing set, and a Little Tykes playhouse.
-Preferably in a cul-de-sac.
-I wanted bunk beds and a window seat in it.

-And a fridge stocked full of Sunny-D, like this:

I wanted our house to be the neighborhood hang out, with open doors, snacks, music, and board games.  I wanted to have a pile of sneakers by the front door that belonged to all my kids friends who were playing Connect Four in the dining room while they munched on Cheez-Its and sipped Capri Sun. 
I'm sure I had other dreams about what my life would be like when I had kids, but these things came to mind tonight as I sat and ate dinner with a few extra munchkins.
And now I know that Capri Sun and Sunny D are made mostly of High Fructose corn syrup, so we had apple juice and milk.  But something felt so right and good about life tonight as I said goodnight to their friends and watched them walk out into the cul-de-sac to their house, and then said goodnight to my own little punks in their bunkbeds.

2 Comments to “Finale or Something”

  1. It’s such a good thing to see a dream coming true and to honor the moment and your gratitude for it. Amen!

  2. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Love this!

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