Downtown Cowtown

That's what my munchkins have been calling it since the first time we went. 

I mentioned something about Ft Worth being called "Cowtown" and they kind of ran with it. 

Debby's Camera 057
I researched all of the free and cheap stuff there was to do and we packed water and snacks and headed off for the day. 

And they loved it, totally. 
They even loved putting change in the parking meter. 
Really, they begged me for change and giggled as it fell in and the numbers changed. 
I gotta get a parking meter for our house.
Debby's Camera 001  
We started off at Barnes and Noble,
which the kids love because they love books, which I love.
Debby's Camera 008
We may have had chocolate cake and a lemon bar for lunch.
Debby's Camera 011
We may have walked fifteen or so blocks total
(though The Pie was in the stroller for most of the time).
Debby's Camera 013
(And, just a sec-  Can everybody look at this for a second and tell me if it's just me,
or does The Pie have a little sway in her hip? 
Is she perhaps strutting? 
Gosh I hope not, she's not even two. 
No idea where she gets that from.)

We visited the Water Gardens.  Which, really I would say is mediocre at best,
but it was free, and I'm all about bargains so we made the trek.  They thought it was amazing.  Score.

Debby's Camera 021
We moseyed on over to Fire Station #1, it's kind of a walk through museum.
Again, free, love. 
Debby's Camera 038
Debby's Camera 051
And then it was ice cream time.  Turns out Marble Slab is right around the corner from Fire Sation #1, but I'm a dork, so we took the "scenic route".   Also turns out Marble Slab does not have tables, so we ate outside.
Debby's Camera 071.1

We had dinner with my Mom at Red Brick Pizza. 
And maybe some chocolate gelato for dessert. 
Then we topped it all off with a trip to yet another Barnes and Noble for some more storytime,and some book purchasing, and maybe some hot chocolate. 
Because when it comes to books and desserts, the "less is more" policy doesn't really apply.

Debby's Camera 217
So this morning looked like this
Dress up clothes over nightgowns and new books in bed.
Pajamas, and legos, and cuddles, and laughs.
Basically it was bliss. 
(and to answer your questions-
Yes my glasses are really that thick. 
And yes my wall is really that blue.)

3 Comments to “Downtown Cowtown”

  1. So sad I missed out on lunch!

  2. there you go…setting the bar so high. No wonder your kids love you so much.

  3. I love this. I hope I’m as good of a mom as you (one day, no I’m not pregnant). 🙂

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