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March 21, 2009

Finale or Something

Today we played with bubbles, or in bubbles, or whatever you want to call this. 
We call it fun to the max. 
Swimming Pool+Dish Soap=Good Time
It was a little cool, but they didn't care.  They jumped and splashed all afternoon. 
Then the boys went to play with some friends out front for a bit. 
And the girls and I sat out in the sun and read Danny the Dinosaur.

At dinner time I went out to call the boys in and I saw this.
And I know that this looks like a lot of front yards looked today. 
I called the boys in and about half the neighborhood joined us for dinner
and then they played out back for a while.
And I know this happens in a lot of homes.
And I know this is what a lot of people grew up with. 
I know this is very everyday, middle class, suburban neighborhood-ish. 
But it's kind of a big deal to me.  This is not at all what I grew up with. 
Not by a long shot.  I grew up in apartments, in really rough neighborhoods, in the projects.  We didn't play outside much. 
And for lots of reasons we did not have friends over for dinner. 
My childhood was kind of tough, and when I was little I would sit and think about what I wanted for myself and my kids when I grew up. 
There were lots of things that I knew I didn't want for my kids.
And a shorter list of things I knew did want-
-A house, an actual house, not an apartment.
-With a yard, and a swing set, and a Little Tykes playhouse.
-Preferably in a cul-de-sac.
-I wanted bunk beds and a window seat in it.

-And a fridge stocked full of Sunny-D, like this:

I wanted our house to be the neighborhood hang out, with open doors, snacks, music, and board games.  I wanted to have a pile of sneakers by the front door that belonged to all my kids friends who were playing Connect Four in the dining room while they munched on Cheez-Its and sipped Capri Sun. 
I'm sure I had other dreams about what my life would be like when I had kids, but these things came to mind tonight as I sat and ate dinner with a few extra munchkins.
And now I know that Capri Sun and Sunny D are made mostly of High Fructose corn syrup, so we had apple juice and milk.  But something felt so right and good about life tonight as I said goodnight to their friends and watched them walk out into the cul-de-sac to their house, and then said goodnight to my own little punks in their bunkbeds.

March 19, 2009

Downtown Cowtown

That's what my munchkins have been calling it since the first time we went. 

I mentioned something about Ft Worth being called "Cowtown" and they kind of ran with it. 

Debby's Camera 057
I researched all of the free and cheap stuff there was to do and we packed water and snacks and headed off for the day. 

And they loved it, totally. 
They even loved putting change in the parking meter. 
Really, they begged me for change and giggled as it fell in and the numbers changed. 
I gotta get a parking meter for our house.
Debby's Camera 001  
We started off at Barnes and Noble,
which the kids love because they love books, which I love.
Debby's Camera 008
We may have had chocolate cake and a lemon bar for lunch.
Debby's Camera 011
We may have walked fifteen or so blocks total
(though The Pie was in the stroller for most of the time).
Debby's Camera 013
(And, just a sec-  Can everybody look at this for a second and tell me if it's just me,
or does The Pie have a little sway in her hip? 
Is she perhaps strutting? 
Gosh I hope not, she's not even two. 
No idea where she gets that from.)

We visited the Water Gardens.  Which, really I would say is mediocre at best,
but it was free, and I'm all about bargains so we made the trek.  They thought it was amazing.  Score.

Debby's Camera 021
We moseyed on over to Fire Station #1, it's kind of a walk through museum.
Again, free, love. 
Debby's Camera 038
Debby's Camera 051
And then it was ice cream time.  Turns out Marble Slab is right around the corner from Fire Sation #1, but I'm a dork, so we took the "scenic route".   Also turns out Marble Slab does not have tables, so we ate outside.
Debby's Camera 071.1

We had dinner with my Mom at Red Brick Pizza. 
And maybe some chocolate gelato for dessert. 
Then we topped it all off with a trip to yet another Barnes and Noble for some more storytime,and some book purchasing, and maybe some hot chocolate. 
Because when it comes to books and desserts, the "less is more" policy doesn't really apply.

Debby's Camera 217
So this morning looked like this
Dress up clothes over nightgowns and new books in bed.
Pajamas, and legos, and cuddles, and laughs.
Basically it was bliss. 
(and to answer your questions-
Yes my glasses are really that thick. 
And yes my wall is really that blue.)

March 19, 2009

Archive Thursday- Guess these Girls





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March 17, 2009

Spring Break So Far

So far we've made some pop-up-books,
and gone on a few picnics,

in a few parks,
and slid down a few slides,
gone on some hikes,
and jumped some creeks,
and fed every duck in town, (Girff named these two John and Marion)
and we've played a little hide and seek, (where'd he go?)
we've made (and eaten) yummy treats,
and flown a kite or two,
we've daydreamed a bit,
and studied our shadows…

It's been a busy week, and we're only two days in.  Who knows what tomorrow holds?

The sky's the limit-
photo by Gabe

March 16, 2009


Amy and Molly, lovely girls, easy to be around. 
Mothers of two of my favorite babies, daughters of one of my favorite women. 
Yesterday afternoon I got to hang out with them and their little ones. 
I got to take some pictures, and I got to steal some kisses, (from the babies).
And I got to talk about life a little, and eat a little chocolate.  We've really only been friends for about a year and a half I guess, but it feels like I've known them forever.  They're the kind of friends that feel like family, except you like them more. 
Because they're Debby's daughters, we sort of had to like each other.  They're her best friends and she's one of mine, so it would've truly sucked to not love them.  They're completely lovable though.  Witty, and charming, and laid back, and caring, and sharing and beautiful, all the things you could want in friends really. 
And Caden and Emily, jeez they are happy little babies. 
Adorable and adored.
I can't believe how fast they are. 
I can't believe how much they've grown.
I can't believe how much I love them sometimes.   



March 11, 2009

Lighter Grey

"Define yourself radically as one beloved by God.  This is the true self.  Every other identity is illusion."

From Abba's Child by Brennen Manning.  Go read it now.  And then let's have coffee. 

Is.43:1 Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
       I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Is 43:4 You are precious and honored in my sight,
       and because I love you,
       I will give nations in exchange for you,
       and peoples in exchange for your life.

Is 54:10 Though the mountains be shaken
       and the hills be removed,
       yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
       nor my covenant of peace be removed,"
       says the LORD, who has compassion on you.
In the grey of this time and this day, it is good to hear, to read, to know something so black and white. 
Jesus loves me this I know.  My life doesn't really make sense outside of that phrase. 
Me sitting here today thinking about, and writing about love doesn't make sense without that context. 
Fortunately or unfortunately, there are plenty of times in my life that I can look back on and come up with no other
explanation for me being okay than this simple truth.  From a mostly awful childhood, to a mess of an adolescence,
to a hard and hurtful marriage, and now in single momming, I've been carried and taken care of by Sacrificial, Unconditional Love. 
So in this muddled mess of circumstance, perception, feeling and not knowing, this truth pulls me back into the lighter grey. 
His love, perfect and pure is in such contrast to this world's. 
And the way it washes over me like rain, in slight drops at first, falling on my head,
and then in sheets like waves, until I'm drenched, is the realest thing I know.
Lighter grey
1John 4:16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
      God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

March 9, 2009

A Lot

Too much going on for me to actually blog.  A lot.  And it's hard, and I'm tired. 
Today was a beautiful day though.  Wonderful.  We spent most of it outside,
t.v. off, music on. 

After bath time we all piled on the couch for a little

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Ran across these two, old favorites.   Good timing.  Love.
Listen to the MUSN'TS child
Listen to the DON'TS
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child.
ANYTHING can be.
Please don't tell me I should hug.
Don't tell me I should care.
Don't tell me just how grand I'd feel
If I just learned to share
Don't say "It's all right to cry,"
"Be kind," "Be fair," "Be true."
Just let me see YOU do it,
Then I just might do it too.
And a note to a you, my visitor.  Thanks for checking in.  Thanks for caring. 
If you think about us this week, please say a little prayer.

March 5, 2009

Archive Thursday

I'm naming it and claiming it.
This week:  Two Griffen storyboards from '06

Possibly The World's Quirkiest Kid.

Happy Thursday everybody!!!

March 3, 2009


These little dreamers of mine are overjoyed and entertained by simple things like bubbles,
and zoo trips, and sidewalk chalk, and train rides. 
Their faces light up and their eyes twinkle when we go to "Downtown Cowtown".  They jump up and down at the mention of lunch with friends. 
They squeal with delight about ice cream cones. 
I've often thought it would be nice to have that passion, zeal for life, and exuberance. 
Lately it seems I've caught the bug a little.  Something seems to have clicked and my heart is happier and more alive than it's been in a while.  It kind of feels like my focus is switching from the nice little picture I was looking at to a huge window of possibilities. 
And I kind of feel like jumping up and down and squealing with delight. 

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