The Thomas Girls

These wonderful girls are four of my favorite girls in the whole world. 
They are the daughters of one of my best friends, but much more than that. 
More than six years ago I fell in love with Haley, and Macy, and Abby.
As soon as I met their little selves, I was smitten.
I was there when Lily was born and loved her from the start too.
Before I had girls, Susanna did. 
I've had the great pleasure of seeing Haley grow from girl to young woman, and what a young woman she is! 
She is lovely, and warm, and quiet, and smart.  She is becoming more beautiful everyday.
And Macy, one of the most charming girls you will ever meet.  She loves well, and laughs often, and she dreams big.
Abby girl, she sparkles.  She is passionate and compassionate.  She is so full of grace for a girl of her age. 
Lily Rose, a girl after my own heart, she loves words, sung or spoken, she loves 'em. 
She is spunky and gosh, I love spunky. And she is sweet as apple pie.
They all are. 
Their pigtails, and tutu's, and sing-song-y ways have been bringing smiles to my face since before I had my own girls to dance with. 
I got to see the sweetness that is sisters in their home before it ever graced mine.
They've been my willing little models since photography was just a dream. 
They've helped me grow in more ways than that though.
And best of all, they've been blessed with one of the best Momma's ever. 
I see so much of her in them. 
They all have her big heart for children and her gorgeous smile. 
Lucky them.


One Comment to “The Thomas Girls”

  1. SOOOOO not fair to make me cry before dinner 😉 You are my beautiful spontaneous talented friend who sees beauty wherever you go. I love you and I love that you love both me and my girls too. You are a gift.

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