A Day Around Here

This is what yesterday looked like-

Breakfast with Grace.
Of course.
It brings an unexplainable amount of joy to me to have breakfast with her.
Griff was home with pink eye.  He wasn't too sick to hang out with us though.
We got a little Griff time and he got a little down time.
And Emmy, hasn't been feeling great either. 
She's ever the smiler when the camera is out though, hammin' it up.
Gabe came home and inspected Griff's newly built Bionicle.
And then, these two did this. 
They are so similar in personality.  Both so full of attitude and stubborn. 
And both so intensely sweet.

And then the kids went to their dad's house.  And  I went to Molly's house for a super laid back evening (except for the rather heated discussion about baseboards).
Somehow I made it through a whole visit with Cade without getting any shots of him, but he did brighten up an already pretty bright day. 
Amy crept in like a burglar and scared the crap out of us.
We munched on yummy pizza, (Archer Farms makes a great thin crust pepperoni), and Molly's special brownies and cookies. 
Good food, good conversation.  Good times.

And then, laundry dancing.  It's kind of self explanatory.  About four nights a week I crank up my Pandora Jason Mraz or Adele staion and fold laundry. 
And dance.  Like this.

And there you have it- A day around here. 
Never boring, just enough excitement to keep you guessing.
Guessing things like "Is that juice in her cup from today or yesterday?"
and "Did he brush his teeth at all yesterday?"
and "What can I make for dinner out of cinnamon raisin bread and spinach because I'm pretty sure that's all we have in the fridge?"
and "Does she really need socks?"
and "Where are your pants?"

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