This Goofball

Girffen just walked up to me and said "Hey Mom, I'm using technology to remind myself of things."  (because he talks like that, and thinks like that, I love that little nerd).   I said "Sounds great, show me." 
And then, I'm not kidding you, he presses play on his voice recorder and it says
"Hey handsome, don't forget about that toast you're making." 
That was the reminder he made. 
The first issue I have is the way he says "Hey handsome".  Wow.  Really?  Well, I guess at least he's confident.  But he has a little cold, so his voice is raspy and it kind of creepily sounds like Kathleen Turner doesn't want him to miss his nice, warm, crispy snack. 
The second thing is- Who needs to be reminded about toast?  I mean, you can hear it pop up in the other room, and it only takes like 30 seconds. 
Shouldn't he have at least a 30 second memory? 
But alas, he is my son. 
And I have to say, last week I made myself a bowl of oatmeal, put it in the microwave and somehow while standing next to the microwave that was running, and making the kids breakfast and my coffee, I managed to completely forget about it. 
So I made myself a piece of toast, and when the microwave beeped,
I was like "What the hell is that?" 
Oh, it's the oatmeal I made.  Like 60 seconds ago. 
Note to self- get a voice recorder. 


2 Comments to “This Goofball”

  1. Lurves this.

  2. Oh, Griff. So very much himself.

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