A friend like her

My Bridge.  There is not a lovelier bridge in the world.   She is pretty magnificent already and intent about improving herself still.  I love that. 
One of my best friends, the one who hugs me the most, the one who laughs the most.  I have more than once asked her to marry me because we would both make excellent husbands- and wives for that matter.  Unfortunately, fortunately really, we both really love men.  Anyway, she is changing and growing (and shrinking) in so many wonderful ways.  She inspires me with her determination and drive.  She makes me think I can do hard things too, makes me think they are worth doing.  Mostly she points me towards Jesus. 

We had lunch today, Bridge, and me, and the girls.  And it was super because she loves my kids so well. 
It was super because they love her back. 
We all do, so, so much.  My kids are lucky to have so many pseudo aunts that love them so well.  I am lucky to have amazing girlfriends that can be in my kiddos lives. 
We talked, and laughed, and reprimanded, and ate, and played, and maybe ran another errand that I will probably talk about later this week. (how's that for foreshadowing)
It was laid back and fulfilling, as most times with Bridge are.

And then we met Julie and Sophia for some downtown fun.  We hit up Barnes and Noble and grabbed some hot chocolate and a cookie,
and then we headed to Jamba Juice for smoothies. 
Sophia is an incredibly sweet, soft spoken, beautiful, dancing and happy, wonderful girl. 
Julie and I did not get to talk as much as we would have if the girls hadn't been there, but I love that the girls were there.  I love that we are facilitating their budding little friendships.  I love the thought that they will be forever friends.

p.s.  if you hand a three year old your camera, this is what you get:
and if you give her a little direction like "look through the thingy", you get this:

One Comment to “A friend like her”

  1. I love you, Amber. And your kids. I am honored and grateful that I get to be in your lives, and I am touched by such a public declaration that you love me back. 🙂

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