Our Trail

We went out to this field last Friday. 
Gracey, my fearless little tomboy, led the way until the grass was past her knees. 
She would have kept on gong if I had let her, she had a fit when I picked her up.  She is pretty sure that there is nothing she can't do, and I am pretty sure she's right. 
We looked for the trail that I had seen the last time I was there, but we couldn't find it, so we just marched right in to the tall grass.

We collected leaves, and rocks, and other interesting, nature-y things in a bag and we sat down in a flat spot to make some rubbings of our finds. 

The kids thought it was a brilliant idea to color in the middle of the field.  The scenery was nice, the ground was soft, and the wind provided a nice little soundtrack for us.

I will say that one advantage to being a single parent is that you get all of the cards, and notes, and flowers, and hugs to yourself. (and if you're lucky, you'll have Gabe to capture it)

Along the way the kids wondered aloud about what might be in the field- bears, lions, snakes, not really in a scared way, it was more of an excited, adventure filled wondering. I was so proud of them for forging ahead through grass that they believed might be housing foxes or wolves. 

It got pretty tall and thick around about halfway to the woods and Emma got scared.  And then Griff grabbed her hand and said "Here, you hold my hand and walk behind me, I'll make a path for you." 
And this was nothing really profound at all to anyone but me.  But it was profound to me.  Griffen is usually a little unaware of his surroundings. He spends most of the time in his own head dreaming big dreams, and pondering new inventions and far off worlds.  Friday though, very naturally, without me asking him too, he heard her ask for help and acted.  And his actions and words spoke tons to me of how he is growing.  I hope he does go through life looking out for others, grabbing their hands if they need it, and making his own paths.
A little later we were on our way back to the van, and they were racing down the trail, and then all of a sudden Griffen turned back and ran towards me.  And then in a very winded and excited voice he said "Hey mom, Emma looks just like you!  I just noticed. She has your eyes, and your smile. She has your face!  I just saw it!"  He seems to be finally opening his eyes up to the world around him a little more and I love that.  

My beautiful Emmy, she is a dream.  She embraced the whole idea much better than I thought she would.  She didn't comlain or give up.  She walked the whole way.  She even wandered off away a few times to explore on her own. 

Gabe apparently sees pretty well already.  He's got great eyes.  He asked for my camera about halfway through the trip and took these photos. 
He took this one of the sky, because he loves the sky.
On the way home, the sun was setting and Gabe looked up at the rainbow of clouds that was painting the sky and he sighed and then he said "It looks like God is coming out for somebody."  And he said it so nonchalantly, like 6 year old boys say things like that all the time.  And my jaw kind of dropped at his enlightened little mind. 
He amazes me. 

They all do. 
I am amazed at their ever increasing little minds and their already enormous little hearts. My kiddos, my loves, they teach me.

2 Comments to “Our Trail”

  1. I love, love, love this post. What an adventure. And, wow, that Gabe is an amazing photographer. Your kids a beautiful.

  2. They are all so unique and growing so fast. I love them – and you – more than I can say.

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