Tea Party

Yesterday we tea partied with E.  Just because.  And it was super. 

Monday 010
Erin made tea and there were scones, and chocolate, and maybe some Capri Sun.
Monday 013.1
We all dressed up.  We took a few pictures of course
We chatted a bit, talked about important things like our favorite colors.  We danced a bit. 
Monday 017.3
 Emma named Erin's baby spiders while Gracey finished off the scones. 
We played outside a little, picked a few flowers, played a little tag.
Monday 0232 

Monday 0272
And then Grace and I went to pick up the boys and have ice cream while Em stayed with her Aunty E for a bit. 

Just because. 

A great way to spend a Monday if you ask me.

Thanks Erin.  I am so, so thankful that my girls, and my boys I guess, and I, have you.  You are a fabulous Aunty.  You are an amazing friend.  And you're beautiful.  And lots of other wonderful things…
Ships 323.1
Our Erin, she has been here in Texas longer than I thought she would be (longer than she thought too) and I am greatful for that.  Greatful for the example she is to my kids.  Greatful for the love she has for them and the love they have for her.  I am quite sure she has many big adventures ahead of her, and I am quite sure that I will miss her tons while she is off having those big adventures.  And I am also quite sure that all these memories we are making now will be treasured forever, great stories someday.
Ships 336.1  

3 Comments to “Tea Party”

  1. I love how you love your girls and my sister. And I see the wanderlust building in her eyes. For now, I am busily pestering the Almighty that He give her lots of space to wander and keep her homebase here. I’m selfish that way. But I love sharing your kids with her – which is a mark of just how far we’ve come. Somehow, I don’t feel like I share you with her…our friendships are so separate in their interconnectedness. Longest comment ever. Over and out.

  2. That Uncle Erin…she’s a good one.

  3. Happy post… thanks. 🙂 You’re a keeper and so are your kiddos.

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