Why Today Doesn’t Suck

What a yucky day.  Would've been easy to go along with the yuckiness I suppose, let it simmer in my brain and stew about yucky stuff like runny noses, and bills, and laundry piles, anxiousness about tomorrow, stress about today, and exhaustion from all this thinking.
Instead I decided to come up with some reasons why today doesn't suck.
1. Puddle jumping
Why 058
2. Bridget's leftover vegetarian chili and my birthdaycake milkshakes
Why food
3. This mischievous face
Why 007
4. Wearing my fuzzy slipper boots 'til 2pm
Why 013
5. Very intense coloring
Why 054
6. This little ham
Why 033
7. Best Pet Ever
Why 014 
8. My bookworm boy
Why 081
9. Gabe's "How to Make a Butter Sandwich" manual
10. Believing that I am a small part of a big plan
Why 042

2 Comments to “Why Today Doesn’t Suck”

  1. LOVED THIS! Thanks.

  2. p.s. bday cake milkshakes? hm… never would have thought. thanks for the idea.

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