…because I feel as though I've been handed a few lemons, but I think-

Let's squeeze these suckers, add some high fructose corn syrup and a little tap water, and shake this $%#& up. 

Today was the first time in nine years that I didn't bake a cake on January 7th- the captain's birthday.  Oh well, his loss, I make a damn good butter cake with chocolate frosting.  So instead of sitting home and sulking, we went out.  We went to the highlands.  And we danced, and we played tag, and hide and seek, and we went to the bookstore, and we read, and we walked around a bit, and we had dinner, and we had ice cream, and we danced some more. 

January 844.1  
January 773.1
January 778.1
January 795.1
January 798.1
January 810.1
January 816.1
January 820.1
January 821.1
January 826.1
January 828.1
January 830.1
January 835.1
January 853.1
January 856.1
January 870.1
January 880.1
and then Gabe asked for the camera:
January 881.1
January 883.1
January 888.1
January 895.1
and then, more dancing:
January 905.1
I am blessed to have these little munchkins working with me in this lemonade stand. 
January 804.1
January 923.2


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