My Boys

Messes that they are, freckle faced little punks, gosh I love them so.  It has been a lively two weeks around here.  I'm sad it's over, all this movie watching, board game playing, tickle fighting.  It's been chaotic and loud. It's been rough having them all four home all the time, but oh I missed the chaos when they were gone.  It could've been a better holiday break I'm sure.  We could've had more fun.  I could've done more to make it happier.  And I wish that wasn't true, but it is.  I feel like I just survived this holiday season. I haven't been myself lately, whatever that means.  I barely took any pictures, just a few here and there.  These of the boys though, melt me.  It's the freckles I think.  The sweet stream of freckles running across their faces.  Or it could be their little boy jaw lines.  The soft shape of their face being straightened into the form that their grown up faces will be.  Maybe it's their eyes, more expressive and penetrating than they were last year.  Their knowing eyes, Griffen's like the sea and Gabe's like the sky. It might just be me and my mood that makes me fall into a puddle when I look at these, or it might be that my boys are just completely capable of melting hearts…  




3 Comments to “My Boys”

  1. consider this heart melted.

  2. I heart your boys. And so love the photographer that is Gabe. But I always forget to spell Griffen’s name with an e. 🙂

  3. Their eyes are like the sky and sea. You are exactly right. I love their sweet selves.

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