My Mentor

It's her birthday and I feel like whatever tribute I write will be insufficient.  Usually I am full of words for her, I've written and said too many I'm sure, but I find myself fumbling today for the right ones to describe exactly what she means to me.  It might be easier to say them just to her than to the whole Internet.

Hey You,

    You are lovely beyond words.  You have been so much to me, more than a friend or mentor, more than I could ever explain.  You are gifted, shined upon by God, as a writer, a speaker, a woman, a wife and mother, you are truly blessed.  In this past year, in being welcomed in to your home and family, I've found acceptance, and love, and healing.  How on earth do I say thank you for that?  You have challenged me repeatedly to dig deeper, push harder, and strive for more.  You've believed in me when I didn't.  You've laughed, cried and prayed with me on my toughest days.  Your openness is inspiring.   The way you seek God everyday is amazing.  As a wife I've seen not only the way you are loved so completely, but the way you love so truly.  The sideways glances and knowing smiles between you two speak volumes of the love you share.  As a mother your love knows no limits, your heart overflows for your girls and it's beautiful.  And your grandchildren's lives are filled with love because of the example you are.  It's no secret that you're wit is quick, but I'm not sure if many know how tender you can be.  You are stronger than strong.  You are wise and you are good.  You are a daughter of the one true King, a princess indeed, and the apple of His eye.  You lead a big life because you do not stop stretching and growing.  I have had the pleasure of watching your life grow just this year as you have let go of your plans and yielded to what He has had for you.  You have shown me too many things to list about life and love.  Your hands are full of grace.  Your beauty is captivating.  Your eyes sparkle.  Your light shines. Thank you for being so wonderfully wonderful.  I pray that this year will bring grace beyond measure and blessing beyond comprehension to you.  May you know His love deep down in your soul.  May you feel His heart beating as you lean on His chest.  May you grasp His hand and see His face often.  The happiest of birthdays to you my friend.

                                        I love you forever and ever no matter what,



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