My Little Morning Person

Okay, I promise to blog about the boys and take lots of pictures of them when they are home for Christmas break.
And I promise, I love all of my kids equally.  I promise that I alternate favorites in equal increments, I keep a chart, it's a bar graph actually.  But right now, Grace is my favorite.  If you think it is terrible that I have favorites sometimes, too bad.  I'm just being honest.  She is, this week at least, my favorite.  She makes my heart sing.  She is a morning person, my only one.  The other little rugrats are generally grumpy and slow and just not happy to be awake in the morning for the most part.  She though, she wakes up with a smile most days.  She greets me with a cuddle and a kiss.  She and I usually have breakfast together while the others are moseying in.  And I love that she is a morning person, because I am not, and waking up with her makes my mornings better.  Oh my Pie.  She is a love.  She is a mess and getting messier, but she's the sweetest and cutest little mess in the world.

The baby

One Comment to “My Little Morning Person”

  1. Liam’s a morning person. Kayleigh used to be. She used to be “my Grace”. Now Kayleigh’s a grump and Liam’s the morning person. However, I do not like his “morningness” when I want to sleep in, because he causes KAyleigh to scream and yell when he wakes her to play. lol. She is my not-a-morning person. 🙂 And, I think as long as you favor them at all some point, its good. I have my moments. Sometimes I feel bad, thinking I favor one more, but then I realize I love them the same. 🙂

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