Good Mornings

First of all, I have a new boyfriend. He makes me happy and he warms me up and he's black.  He is my new automatic coffee maker.  I wake up to him every morning now.  I sit up in bed and breathe in the smell of fresh coffee and it is on my lips before the kids are whining for breakfast.  He is magical, we're getting married in the spring, mark your calendars. 

But I digress…

I like to stay up late, I am not not a morning person, but they are not usually my favorites.  Mornings lately are good though, crisp, just cool enough to wake you up, not too cold. 
Laundry 006.1
This Saturday morning I woke up without the alarm, to a quiet house, a house with no kiddos, but it did not feel empty, I did not feel alone.  There was a beautiful peace in my room, in my home.  It was unfamiliar but completely welcomed.  It's something I'm getting used to, being alone and enjoying it, having some down time.  I love people, love talking, love being out, love going.  I'm not so great at being by myself, being quiet, staying in, stillness.  But Jesus showed up Saturday morning.  We got to hang out a bit.  And we didn't really even talk much, it was more like sitting in comfortable silence.  It was like leaning on His chest and breathing deeply and all the unsaid words were not missed.
Alone time it was not, and it was grand.  The morning progressed, toast was made, I read, wrote, prayed, listened, sipped and sat.  Nothing amazing but it was.  


One Comment to “Good Mornings”

  1. Your boyfriend gets hot when you turn him on. Pun intended?

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