These guys

These guys-
Well this one guy in particular. 
They are all great, and worthy of their own blog posts, I promise.
But he is kind of awesome.

You might get tired of hearing me say how much I love, love, love this family.  I do though.
I love that I got to do their photos.  I love that I captured the feel of their family- fun, casual, always laughing, sometimes crying, never a dull moment.  I love that they love the photos with their perfect imperfections. 

Let me get back to this guy though, Paul.  He's all the things you could ask a guy to be- warm, honest, caring, accepting, funny, sweet, sensitive, strong, and a thousand other wonderful things, with a killer smile to boot.  And though I've called him a guy a few times now, he's more of a man really, a great one.  He's shown me that such a thing exists. He makes me want to be better, he makes me want more for myself.  Debby and I were talking yesterday about the power that words have, and particularly the influence that a mans words can have over girls.  Lots of men have said lots of words to me, but none like him.  He doesn't say a lot of words, but he doesn't need to because the strength of his character gives his words weight.  And that is rare, he is.  

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