My Business

Sooooo, Fly took off about a year and a half ago.  And it is kind of soaring now.  We are in the middle of Christmas season and having a blast catching up with families that we've photographed before and meeting new families.  It's good times. And it only kind of feels like a job sometimes.  Don't tell anybody, but mostly, my job, is fantastic.  I hang out with my best friend, we do what we love, and people love what we do, and somewhere in the mix, money exchanges hands.  It rocks.  This little venture has given me more than financial freedom, it's given me confidence and joy.  It allows me to do what I love and use some of my gifts.  I see beauty and am blessed with the ability to capture it.  I get to talk to other moms and exchange tips and tricks.  I get to hold newborn babies and whisper in their little ears.  I get to play peek-a-boo with two year olds.  I get to see love, new and old.  I get to hear stories between shots of how they met. I get to talk to girls on the verge of becoming women about their future dreams. And you never know what's going to happen, just the other day I didn't get killed by this snake at a session. 
It's different and new all the time.  Every session is an adventure, a new story, good times.  Oh yeah, and not only do we do a good job behind the cameras…


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