My Heroes

The other day on my way home from one of three trips to Target this week, (yes i go there that often, it's my happy place), I saw a sign in front of Chic Fil A that said "Tuesday is Super Hero Night!".  Who wouldn't love Super Hero Night?   It's great, free nuggets for the kids, pictures with Superman, and no mess to clean up after dinner.  So tonight I decided to brave the masses and take my little heroes out.  I announced Super Hero night and told them to go get some costumes on.  After some squealing and jumping, the four of them went to rumage through the costume box.  A few minutes later Griff comes with a white robe on over his clothes.  Now Griffen is, as I have said before, very intent on being a nerd.  I love him dearly, but he is.  Last year for Halloween we bought him a very cool Superman muscle costume, he decided to put on a button down shirt, dress pants and glasses with the muscle suit so that he could be Clark Kent instead.  I mean, what seven year old wants to be Clark Kent? 
So he comes out in his robe and I said, "What's that?" 
He said "Mom, I'm a Jedi." 
"Griff, Jedi's are not super heroes." 
And then he listed off for at least ten minutes all of the specific ways that Jedi's have saved the world. 
"Fine, wear the robe Griff." 
And then Gabe comes out in an army hat and a Harry Potter scarf. 
"Mom, tell me who I am." 
"I have no idea Gabe"
"Well, give me a name." 
Griff says "The General.  We'll call you The General."
Gabe loves it "Thanks Griff."
I said, "Gabe come on, we have like ten super hero costumes, go put one on."
I felt bad, but I can not have two nerds on my hands.  He happily decided on Spiderman, thank goodness.
Then it was Emma's turn.  Lucky for her, she has big brothers so she gets to be the cutest super hero, Batgirl. 
Grace is one and she did not have a super hero costume and she was okay with that and so was I.
So off we went, me and my little heroes. It was fun, packed and loud and cheap. 
And just in case you are wondering, they do not give free nuggets to Super Mom's.





2 Comments to “My Heroes”

  1. Love it. Griff is awesome, and Pie is her own superhero, even without a costume.

  2. You are amazing, the whole lot of you! You make me smile, and remember, and smile because I remember…

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