I am all kinds of excited about fall. There is really nothing better than seasons changing.  And fall is my favorite. I so love stepping outside into crisp autumn air onto crunchy leaves, getting to see the world covered in my favorite hues. I cherish sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reading a good book while the girls dance to the rhythm of rain drops falling. I love when the boys have cheeks flushed from the cool breeze and playing to hard. It means tomato soup and my favorite jeans.  Fall means change.
There is maybe nothing I don't love about fall. 

We are settled in now to this busy go, go, go of school and work and play. I am so thankful for the time I get with my girls during the day and I am so thankful for the bond I see growing between my boys as they venture in to the big wide world of elementary school everyday. 
Gabe is thriving.  He loves school, loves his teacher, he just loves.  He did a family portrait yesterday at school. It's just the five of us. I love it way more than I hate it.


Emma is growing, just becoming herself and I love that I get to watch that happen.  She is starting to take pictures now and even though it means I have to be in front of the camera, I love it way more than I hate it.



Griff is figuring things out. He's affected. He's emotional. He's intuitive. And normally I would say that I love those things, but right now I kind of hate to see him struggle. This is so him though, talking away, camera or no camera, he has things to say.


Grace is grace, she always has been. She has an ease to her smile and a lightness about her that is contagious.  This is her, outside, doing something she's not quite big enough to do and going. She goes, she does.


We are all thankful for this season, this change, this chance for new beginnings. 
This fall.



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