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October 28, 2008

Good Mornings

First of all, I have a new boyfriend. He makes me happy and he warms me up and he's black.  He is my new automatic coffee maker.  I wake up to him every morning now.  I sit up in bed and breathe in the smell of fresh coffee and it is on my lips before the kids are whining for breakfast.  He is magical, we're getting married in the spring, mark your calendars. 

But I digress…

I like to stay up late, I am not not a morning person, but they are not usually my favorites.  Mornings lately are good though, crisp, just cool enough to wake you up, not too cold. 
Laundry 006.1
This Saturday morning I woke up without the alarm, to a quiet house, a house with no kiddos, but it did not feel empty, I did not feel alone.  There was a beautiful peace in my room, in my home.  It was unfamiliar but completely welcomed.  It's something I'm getting used to, being alone and enjoying it, having some down time.  I love people, love talking, love being out, love going.  I'm not so great at being by myself, being quiet, staying in, stillness.  But Jesus showed up Saturday morning.  We got to hang out a bit.  And we didn't really even talk much, it was more like sitting in comfortable silence.  It was like leaning on His chest and breathing deeply and all the unsaid words were not missed.
Alone time it was not, and it was grand.  The morning progressed, toast was made, I read, wrote, prayed, listened, sipped and sat.  Nothing amazing but it was.  

October 20, 2008

These guys

These guys-
Well this one guy in particular. 
They are all great, and worthy of their own blog posts, I promise.
But he is kind of awesome.

You might get tired of hearing me say how much I love, love, love this family.  I do though.
I love that I got to do their photos.  I love that I captured the feel of their family- fun, casual, always laughing, sometimes crying, never a dull moment.  I love that they love the photos with their perfect imperfections. 

Let me get back to this guy though, Paul.  He's all the things you could ask a guy to be- warm, honest, caring, accepting, funny, sweet, sensitive, strong, and a thousand other wonderful things, with a killer smile to boot.  And though I've called him a guy a few times now, he's more of a man really, a great one.  He's shown me that such a thing exists. He makes me want to be better, he makes me want more for myself.  Debby and I were talking yesterday about the power that words have, and particularly the influence that a mans words can have over girls.  Lots of men have said lots of words to me, but none like him.  He doesn't say a lot of words, but he doesn't need to because the strength of his character gives his words weight.  And that is rare, he is.  

October 17, 2008

My Business

Sooooo, Fly took off about a year and a half ago.  And it is kind of soaring now.  We are in the middle of Christmas season and having a blast catching up with families that we've photographed before and meeting new families.  It's good times. And it only kind of feels like a job sometimes.  Don't tell anybody, but mostly, my job, is fantastic.  I hang out with my best friend, we do what we love, and people love what we do, and somewhere in the mix, money exchanges hands.  It rocks.  This little venture has given me more than financial freedom, it's given me confidence and joy.  It allows me to do what I love and use some of my gifts.  I see beauty and am blessed with the ability to capture it.  I get to talk to other moms and exchange tips and tricks.  I get to hold newborn babies and whisper in their little ears.  I get to play peek-a-boo with two year olds.  I get to see love, new and old.  I get to hear stories between shots of how they met. I get to talk to girls on the verge of becoming women about their future dreams. And you never know what's going to happen, just the other day I didn't get killed by this snake at a session. 
It's different and new all the time.  Every session is an adventure, a new story, good times.  Oh yeah, and not only do we do a good job behind the cameras…


October 13, 2008

My Baby Sister

Since she was 3 and I was 10, she's been mine.  I tucked her in at night and taught her how to make french toast in the morning.  We made it through a not very lovely childhood together, and I remember holding her chubby little baby hands through way too many hard times.  I held her on my hip when she was too big and I was too little.  She lived with us for the first year or so that we were married.  For a while she was Ryan's baby sister and Griffen's big sister.  She is my Alisa Pizza, my baby girl.  She has always, always been a mess.  She has always, always been so stinkin' cute.  She, as most baby sisters do, has terrible taste in boyfriends, and wears too much eye makeup.   I love this little brat to pieces, more than she will ever know.  She is so bright, has tons of potential, the sweetest heart, a fierce temper and  more tattoos than I would like.  We spent the day together today.  We talked and played and took pictures, like we've always done.  And she's growing up, a little bit.  She's made some mistakes but she's learning.  We both are.    

October 7, 2008

My Heroes

The other day on my way home from one of three trips to Target this week, (yes i go there that often, it's my happy place), I saw a sign in front of Chic Fil A that said "Tuesday is Super Hero Night!".  Who wouldn't love Super Hero Night?   It's great, free nuggets for the kids, pictures with Superman, and no mess to clean up after dinner.  So tonight I decided to brave the masses and take my little heroes out.  I announced Super Hero night and told them to go get some costumes on.  After some squealing and jumping, the four of them went to rumage through the costume box.  A few minutes later Griff comes with a white robe on over his clothes.  Now Griffen is, as I have said before, very intent on being a nerd.  I love him dearly, but he is.  Last year for Halloween we bought him a very cool Superman muscle costume, he decided to put on a button down shirt, dress pants and glasses with the muscle suit so that he could be Clark Kent instead.  I mean, what seven year old wants to be Clark Kent? 
So he comes out in his robe and I said, "What's that?" 
He said "Mom, I'm a Jedi." 
"Griff, Jedi's are not super heroes." 
And then he listed off for at least ten minutes all of the specific ways that Jedi's have saved the world. 
"Fine, wear the robe Griff." 
And then Gabe comes out in an army hat and a Harry Potter scarf. 
"Mom, tell me who I am." 
"I have no idea Gabe"
"Well, give me a name." 
Griff says "The General.  We'll call you The General."
Gabe loves it "Thanks Griff."
I said, "Gabe come on, we have like ten super hero costumes, go put one on."
I felt bad, but I can not have two nerds on my hands.  He happily decided on Spiderman, thank goodness.
Then it was Emma's turn.  Lucky for her, she has big brothers so she gets to be the cutest super hero, Batgirl. 
Grace is one and she did not have a super hero costume and she was okay with that and so was I.
So off we went, me and my little heroes. It was fun, packed and loud and cheap. 
And just in case you are wondering, they do not give free nuggets to Super Mom's.




October 3, 2008


I am all kinds of excited about fall. There is really nothing better than seasons changing.  And fall is my favorite. I so love stepping outside into crisp autumn air onto crunchy leaves, getting to see the world covered in my favorite hues. I cherish sitting on the couch sipping coffee and reading a good book while the girls dance to the rhythm of rain drops falling. I love when the boys have cheeks flushed from the cool breeze and playing to hard. It means tomato soup and my favorite jeans.  Fall means change.
There is maybe nothing I don't love about fall. 

We are settled in now to this busy go, go, go of school and work and play. I am so thankful for the time I get with my girls during the day and I am so thankful for the bond I see growing between my boys as they venture in to the big wide world of elementary school everyday. 
Gabe is thriving.  He loves school, loves his teacher, he just loves.  He did a family portrait yesterday at school. It's just the five of us. I love it way more than I hate it.


Emma is growing, just becoming herself and I love that I get to watch that happen.  She is starting to take pictures now and even though it means I have to be in front of the camera, I love it way more than I hate it.



Griff is figuring things out. He's affected. He's emotional. He's intuitive. And normally I would say that I love those things, but right now I kind of hate to see him struggle. This is so him though, talking away, camera or no camera, he has things to say.


Grace is grace, she always has been. She has an ease to her smile and a lightness about her that is contagious.  This is her, outside, doing something she's not quite big enough to do and going. She goes, she does.


We are all thankful for this season, this change, this chance for new beginnings. 
This fall.


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