the smell of fresh cut grass

I know this blog is mostly for my kiddos, but it is my blog, so here is a little post for me.

I just finished mowing my grass.  It was not bad, hard work, but it is done now and it feels like some sort of right of passage into single-mom-hood.  Lots of things feel like that, my first parent teacher conference by myself, staying home alone on weekends, teaching the boys to ride their bikes. Life is different than I thought it would look, but it is life and I love life.  Tonight as I was enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass and thinking about what appetizers to serve at my housewarming party I realized just how much I love this new life we have, again.  And at 26, with four kids and my life in this odd cycle of changing and settling where it keeps knocking me down and tripping me up I am figuring some things out as I get up and brush the dirt off.  I have learned that nobody has better friends than me.  Nobody.  Nobody has Erin who is not only one of my best friends, but my business partner, she is a phenomenal writer, a passionate runner and a hot humanitarian.  She is amazing and she teaches me thousands of things about Jesus by just being herself.    Nobody has Bridge (and everybody should have a Bridge) this girl, also a phenomenal writer, has supported me, been there for me, spoken truth into my life, and hugged the crap out of me like nobody else.  And Oh My Gosh, nobody has Debby.  She has been some odd mix of mother and best friend and sister in a way that has allowed her to pick me up and brush me off and push me forward and make me laugh and make me think all at the same time.  These women, along with a few other truly awesome friends, Heather, Susanna, Meghan, Amy, Molly, Joan, Anna, Jess and Julie have loved me at my worst and given me hope for better.  And one of the best things about my little circle of friends, Jesus is so into them.  He is so with us, so for us.  Really, what more could I ask for?  Because of Him, because of them, I have learned that I have lots and lots of strength, maybe more then a I would have cared to find out that I had.  I have wisdom and courage.   I am capable.  Mostly, I am blessed. 

2 Comments to “the smell of fresh cut grass”

  1. This made me cry. Thanks. We are blessed. šŸ™‚

  2. Everyone should have an Amber…that’s what. You are easy to love, even at your most challenging.

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