There are not really big enough words for how much we adore Our New Place.  It was kind of a big week last week.  We moved, Gabe turned six and started school, Griffen changed schools, we talked to the kids about divorce, it was a lot.  This week though, this week has been amazing.  We are happy.  So many things are great- the space, the back yard, the floors, the kitchen.  Days pass easily.  The boys have friends over to play, Grace spends the whole day "outside, outside OUTSIDE!" and Emma spends her days in her window seat, her "stage and desk", homework is done at the kitchen counter, helping hands make dinner with me, naps are had, laundry is put away, baths are given, music is heard.  And, and, and, almost constantly, dances are danced, our whole house is a dance floor.  Life seems lighter now,  love is here, we are home.
Newhouse 007
Newhouse 006
 Newhouse 055
Newhouse 064
Newhouse 093 
Newhouse 134


One Comment to “OUR NEW PLACE!!!”

  1. Love the little Gobers and their mama. Love the new house.

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