all four

we walked in to the grocery store tonight and this woman said "oh my goodness honey, are all four of those yours?"   let me just say, it is not that rare that strangers ask that, but it is pretty rare that i look at them and say proudly with a smile on my face "yes, yes they are."  generally i look at whoever is asking with wild, almost scared and very tired eyes and shrug.  because generally, they are wild and i am scared and tired.  the four of them kind of wear me out some days, and i am still getting used to the single mom stuff, but today i realized i am getting used to the single mom stuff.  we have settled into some kind of chaotic, offbeat, wonderful rhythm.  our days are not all the same, but they have some similarities.  we walk to the park everyday, cook and eat meals all together, we clean up together, we laugh together and at least once a day, we dance together.  the five of us are a little team.  an awesome, funny, quirky little team.  these four little rugrats are the best, most supportive team members, encouraging, happy little monkeys, scrappers and lovers.  i love that in this time of so much change and uncertainty, one thing is certain, we are all in this together.  so tonight when that woman looked at me and asked with a mix of wonder and fear if they were all mine, the kiddies were being wild and i was tired, but not scared, just happy and proud.  proud to be the mama of these four great little human beings.  i wanted to say, "yes, all four.  they are my team mates.  they are all four destined for greatness, and they are all four mine"  Allfour

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