having a moment

this moment of emma’s, this little "get your hands off of me, i am not in the mood"  kind of sums up my thoughts for the past week or so.  we have gone from being bored to the point of insanity to being busy to the point of exhaustion, it’s very american of us really.  but this texas heat and this exhausting boredom are making us all a little grumpy.  and for some reason, no matter how tired my kids are, no matter how late they get in bed, they are wide awake at 7am.  what is that? 

oh, well, it’s fine.  thank goodness for chocolate, dark chocolate, preferably with bits of coffee in it.  chocolate makes everything better.  chocolate, and happy music, and dancing and grace.  i love, love, love my kiddies, don’t get me wrong, they all make me happy in lots ways, and they all have moments too.   it’s just that right now, grace makes me happy no matter what.  even when i am having a moment, she makes me happy.  even her fits make me smile.  mostly her smiles make me smile.  and this, this makes me smile.


One Comment to “having a moment”

  1. She is a love, our pie.

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