this girl

this grace.  this little one is sunlight to me.  her face, her smile, her eyes, shine, shine, shine.   today she sat in my lap and looked at me and i said "gracey, you’re so pretty." and then she said "pri-dee".  and oh my gosh, those two syllables suit her little mouth.  the way her pouty lips formed those sounds and then the corners turned up into a smile was perfection.  she laughed at the sound of her own tiny voice and said it again "pri-dee".  what could i do but sit in wonder at my baby girl?  emma and the boys clapped and marveled at her new word and we all said it over and over just to hear her say it over and over.  pretty is quite an understatement if you ask me, this girl is beautiful beyond words, and she Gracey
brings light and love wherever she goes.  she is our beautiful baby, she is our sunshine, this little grace, and we are hers.   


One Comment to “this girl”

  1. she IS so pretty! give it a year and she’ll be twirling around in front of her mirror saying, “i have a wonder time!” (thank you, cinderella!) these sweet kiddos are guaranteed to brighten any day, aren’t they? 🙂

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