these kids are mine.  they are mine and i have missed them.  i have missed griffen’s words and gabe’s kisses and emma’s dances and grace’s smiles.  i have missed moments with them, moments of their lives that i don’t want to miss.  and even though some of those moments that i missed were fits and fights and messes and mishaps, they were mine to miss.  and i wish i hadn’t because i also missed the cuddles and  talks and hugs and times in between and around those moments.  these kids are mine and in them i see me.  i see my flaws and my triumphs.  i hear my words and my voice.  and in their eyes i see hope and redemption.  and from their mouths i hear joy and life.  they are my dreams, these kids.  they are future dreams and the dreams of my youth running around my house.  they are what i have prayed for, hoped for and worked for.  and they are what i live for.  these kids are mine and they are like my heart divided in to four, except somehow the love is multiplied.  they are mine, my moments, my fits and fights and mishaps and messes, my flaws and triumphs, my hope and redemption, my words, my voice, my joy, my life, my dreams, my prayers, my heart.Mine

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