my little photographer

gabe.  he’s been kind of sick today.  he’s been on the couch watching movies and being bored.  so, wanting to cheer him up a bit, i said, "do you want to take some pictures?"  and he said so enthusiastically "YES!!  YES!! I love to take pictures, let’s go!"  oh man, it makes me so happy that he loves to take pictures.  unfortunately he wanted to take pictures of me, but he was so excited, I went with it.  so we went outside and he started directing me, "look at emma.  look here, laugh at me.  stand like this.  hold gracie."  he’s so good at it already.  i’m a little scared that he might be tough competition someday.  he moves around and turns the camera.  his sense of composition is great.  his intent to get natural shots is sweet.  he’s got vision that’s for sure.  really, what more can i ask for than a kid with great vision?  it’s a sign of greatness i think.  and as much as i hate being in front of the camera, it wasn’t bad, it was kind of fun.  and i’m ok with the fact that my face is missing from half the shots.  he had a blast.  Mlp
it was worth it just to see him perk up.  he is my little photographer, my gabeeo.


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