conversations with the boys

so, my kids, as you know are the best.  they make me think and they crack me up, they are nothing if not entertaining.  and i will totally admit that most of the time, i  put them in the van, strap them in and turn up their favorite cd to drown out the noise, but sometimes, on a good day, we talk in the van.  here’s a couple of snippets from yesterday-

griffen:  there’s a fly in the van.   let’s kill it.
gabe:  well, if we had a sword we could kill it. 
griffen:  but we don’t have a sword in the van.
gabe:  yeah, because it might kill somebody, like our baby.  and i don’t want to kill our baby, i like her.  i definitely don’t want to kill any babies.

although it’s not a logical connection, killing flies and killing
babies, it was interesting to hear him quickly and easily decide which
one was ok and which one wasn’t.   it’s a conclusion i’m glad he came to, a good one, one that honestly, not everybody comes to. 

and then this one from griff-

griff: mom, why are we at target again?
me: because we need to get a tv stand
griff: mom, do you need a tv stand?
me: yes, our tv is on the floor right now because the one i bought is too small and the old one is broken.
griff: mom, will you die without a tv stand?
me: no.
griff: then you don’t need it.  you just want it.  a need is something you really need and you just want the wants.
me: ok, thank you, that’s good griff.  now, i want a tv stand, come on.

and just in case you’re wondering, that’s a lego piece that gabe stole from a  friends house that we have to return today, and that’s ketchup on griffen’s face, from the happy meals we just ate.  we’re good, but we’re not perfect. 


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