caden and emily

they’re cousins, they are the babies of my friends, except their mommies are more than my friends and these babies are more than the babies of my friends.  i am not quite sure what to call them, (or their mommies), but i am quite sure that i am so in love with them.  his quiet, calm disposition and her contagious, enormous smile. caden is so fresh and new and so stinkin’ sweet.  and emily is so full of joy and light and so stinkin’ cute.  and jake and nick are their amazing big brothers/cousins, a couple of sweethearts who love these little bundles dearly, and i love those guys too.   there is something about babies though.  the newness and the smallness that carves out big places in my heart.  these babies are adored.  they are my little lovies, maybe my new favorites, (don’t tell my kids).  Cadenandemilyandmommiesandyaya_2
their mommies are like family except i like them way more.  their yaya is fabulous, the best really.  these families, this family, they make me happy in lots of ways.  they are genuine and they are fun, they are kind and good.  it is way too rare to find a family who loves the way they do.  i know i’ve said it before, but truly, they have changed the way i think about families. 


One Comment to “caden and emily”

  1. you have this way with words…and pictures, it is so profound. you have blessed each of us immeasurably and entered into our lives in this graceful, inexplicable way — but you are now forever entwined with all of us. you are family.

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