this little one, this little pie, she is my babiest baby.  she is the tiniest, she walked the latest, she still drinks bottles, she’s the most cuddly by far, she’s just the babiest, and i love that.  i love that my baby is still a baby and together we’re holding off toddler-hood as long as possible.   i’m not sure what the actual measurements and technical requirements are for calling these pigtails, but i’m doing it. her first pigtails.  she hates them, she fussed the whole time i was fixing them and took them out almost immediately.  emma was so excited for her though, emma loves them, and wanted her own to match.  and that is so them.  my girly girl who squeals when she gets a little dirty does not like the outdoors at all and my baby girl who gets excited at the site of grass and comes crawling fast when the front door opens to get outside and play in the dirt.  they are the princess and the pie, my sweet, lovey girlsLoveygirls  

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