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May 31, 2008

saturday mornings

this is the way we roll on saturday mornings.  i so cherish these lazy times full of cartoons and snacks, wearing pj’s until lunch, with all the kids in my bed, jumping and dancing and nothing to do but play legos and color bambi.  the beds aren’t made and the laundry isn’t done, but they will have to wait.  we are busy doing nothing at all and loving it.Saturday_morning_024


May 31, 2008

baby steps

off she goes.  gracey’s taking steps now, she went from taking only one step to walking across the living room.  she’s quick.   

and off i go.  joining in with moms everywhere who have lots of love and lots of words, lots of wisdom and creativity, who don’t have lots of time but they’re willing to share their hearts anyways. 

here’s to all the laughs and cries, the beauty and inspiration, the diapers and dinners, the homework and housework, the men and boys, the women and girls, the barbies and legos, the sippy cups and wine glasses,  the pigtails and pj’s, the fits and fights, the kisses and cuddles that make our lives so sweet…

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